5 ‘In your Face’ theme ideas that make your Event a huge success

The first question that comes to everybody looking to organize an event is ‘what will be the theme.’ This issue is popping everywhere and literally hours of discussions and creative inputs are spent before a theme is finalized for an event.

In my early days, the ‘theme’ was not that big an issue, and companies were more concerned on the hospitality of the guest. But since Social Media has taken over the world, and people are always looking for ‘cool’ things they can snap, brands today focus a lot on themes.

And yes, in today’s time it will be a grave mistake if you don’t concentrate on a theme and instead, go for a ‘bland’ event. Even tech companies, who launch their flagship products, have unique themes to draw the attention of the audience.

So today I share five kickass theme ideas, that can make your event the talk of the town: –


  1. An Acrobatic Theme

This is one so-called risky theme, which most business owners run from. I mean apart from sports industry; an acrobatic theme doesn’t make any sense right? Well with the acrobatic theme you can showcase the precision of your company. For example, if you are launching a data analysis software which is all about numbers and stats, then with an acrobatic theme you can subconsciously convey that you are serious about accuracy and pinpoint precision. Subconscious messaging is powerful, my friend!

PS – Don’t go overboard with this, and don’t have people who are juggling and dancing with flashy clothes. You don’t want to be taken as a joke.

  1. Vintage Iconic Restro Theme

There is something about the old school that people love. Especially in America, people love things that remind of their past. But how do you that? Well, you can take inspiration from iconic restaurants that hold a special place in people’s heart. A hard rock theme or Jack Daniels’ theme will turn many heads.

But want to add little zing and surprise, head over to Tennessee, and go to some country restaurants and see how they go about their interiors and what they have showcased ‘country art.’

I have taken inspiration from restaurants in Tennessee, and my clients (in their words) have said, that they were “freaking awesome.” (Yeah they used the other F-word: P

I could have shared more photographs, but I think that you can only get real inspiration once you visit those places.

  1. The Good’ol Barbeque

BBQ theme is regarded as the safest bet in the event planning industry. Americans love BBQ, and delicious food can make even a bland event look great. You can take the BBQ theme up a notch, by giving the interiors a ‘BBQ touch.’ BBQ touch means raw farm inspired design. It doesn’t cost that much, and if done correctly it complements the food and raises the bar of the event.

Everyone loves BBQ
Everyone loves BBQ

No next time you are a bit unsure about the theme, good with ‘trusted’ choice.

  1. The ‘Foreign’ theme

Another familiar theme is the Foreign Inspired theme. People love to see the culture and colors of other countries, and it can make your event, talk of the town. But if you are going to go with this, do it wholeheartedly. Don’t do some research about a country and pick some ideas on Pinterest. Rather do a whole lot of research about that country. If possible, pick a team that can research about different aspects.

And yes, every aspect of the event should reflect about that country, the food, the design, the events and even the main event should have its touch. Furthermore, the audience does have preconceptions about a country and if through their event they can learn more about that country, nothing like it.

Finally, if there is a big event, you can go with a Global theme where small sections can represent a different country. Such kind of theme only makes sense in a mega event. Personally, I only have done this once, for a big Car Company Event. (You read about it in the news 😉

  1. The Labor theme

IF the event is about machines or anything related to craftsmanship, then the labor theme is a very good idea. You can use woodworking projects, include a lot of DIYs and convey the importance of ‘hard work and sweat’ through all of this.

So, these were my top go to themes that are bound to get some attention. You can check out Laissez, for more ideas and inspiration.

Hope you enjoyed this post.