Something I have to Share

Before I start sharing information on the Event Planning and Concert Planning, there is something which I have to share about my life.

In this post I talk about my past and how at one stage I was completely down the barrel. So without further ado lets get to it.

Right from my high school, I had a knack of planning parties and used to organize many events. I was not interested in studies, but I barely passed in all subjects. After finishing high school, I got into ARTS college in Colorado, but I dropped out in under a year.

I joined as an intern in a local party planning firm which used to organize small community functions in the city. Thankfully I gained a lot of experience and made few contacts. Being an intern in such a firm can be extremely tiring, and you have a lot on your plate. But anyway, I was happy with I was doing, and in 9 months they offered me a full-time position. I gracefully accepted the job, and within three years I was looking over events in 3-4 major states.

I loved working with my team and I started with working with the ‘mainstream player,’ my friendly nature helped me a lot. But in 2012, something terrible happened, and that sent my ‘promising career’, down the barrel.

I suffered from infections in my liver and kidney, and since I worked so much, my body had developed several conditions. I still remember the day when I collapsed at work and was rushed to the hospital.  I was hospitalized for 45 days. During this period, I lost my job, but I wasn’t that worried as I knew with my experience and contacts it wouldn’t be difficult to find a new job.

Anyway, I took a 15-day break after being discharged, and in December 2012 I had an interview. I was pretty pumped about it and when I was driving another terrible thing happened with me. I was hit by a high speeding car, and I broke both my arms and my neck, it was a terrible accident, and I consider myself lucky that I survived. It took me another five months to completely recover from that.

Ready for a fresh start
Ready for a fresh start

During this time, I thought a lot and decided that I need to my company. I hooked up with an old friend of mine (who was also in the industry), and we started our operations. For the first six months, we focused a lot on small events and then we got our first major event in the capital. For a moment I thought my life was back on track. But well, I have a f*cked up destiny.

A week before the event I again collapsed and was in the hospital for two days. I took an early discharge, and the doctors were reluctant because clearly I wasn’t fit. Long story short, the event was a disaster, the organizers didn’t pay us a dime and our reputation went for a toss.

At that stage, I was pretty depressed and no idea how I am going to get out of this. Luckily, one day I watched a video on Astrology and made contact with an Indian Astrologer, Mukesh Gupta. I never believed in such things, and as a matter of fact, I laughed at the concept of horoscopes too. But I was like what the hell, what would I loose if consult him. And boy, I was in for a shocker.

He almost predicted everything that happened in my life, just looking at my birth details and said that there were two ‘planets’ which are a having a negative impact on my life. He suggested some ‘Lal Kitab Remedies for Health’ (that’s what he called them), and within few months I saw a noticeable improvement in my health.

After that, I have consulted him in almost every aspect of my life, and the results have been extremely positive. I am running my successful company now; my health has never been better, and I am also happily married. (Living the dream, right?)

Anyway, I just wanted to share my story on this website. I felt obligated that I need to mention how this man has helped me in my life. (You can contact him through facebook)

All the future posts will be about event planning and concerts and I am super pumped to share all the information with you.



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